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A Very Supernatural Halloween
Halloween was soon approaching, and like last years Christmas, it couldn’t just come and go to the living people in the Winchesters bunker. Especially since an archangel had decided that this was his new home. Apparently no one seemed to care that both hunters were way too cozy with their respective angels either. As long as Kevin didn’t have to see it, he was all shades of cool. Crowley didn’t mind watching at all, he found them a piece to study - plus he adored to get close to Sam which usually made Gabriel extremely jealous - not that Sam noticed.
On October 29, Gabriel entered the bunker’s library with a lollipop between his lips. Oh man, he had an idea, and such a good one it almost hurt. Sam was busy with a book, the boy was always with a book, Gabe wondered how he didn’t tire himself with so much reading and no fun at all - though he was changing that - otherwise he would change his own name.
“Sam, giant of mine, have you seen Cas?”
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Intertwined Souls
I screamed in the top of my lungs for someone who did not love me
While he whispers in the foot of my ear
My heart now beat in compasses with yours
My life, once so tasteless, now has color, odor, taste, but above all, love
I suffered in silence watching my love fall apart
My heart yelled for her, although my voice did not reach her ears, even less her heart
I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed – NO – I had to have her in my arms
It was as if I had been blind and finally saw the light
When solemnly I was pulled in against his strong arms, alarmed I knew that there was where my destiny lays
I looked inside his deep brown eyes, all his love outlined for me
It was my image reflected in his chocolate sea eyes, it was me whom he loved
His lips fit to mine perfectly as if they had been wrought for me
His trembling arms welcomed me, cherished me, love me, as I never thought they could
Our emotions imploded in an intense kiss, bittersweet, with a mix of fear, pain, passion
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Hunting Trip, Rio?
December 25th, 2013
Cas arrived today, I suppose he got my thought's by angel radio earlier than my postal for Bobby or he just wanted to spend Christmas with us. Anyway, I was pleased to see him. So far all we got from the city was warm. The summer was excessively hot, and damn I wanted to blame a demon or some other damned creature, 'cause that just wasn't right.
Sam had vanished hours ago, claiming he was going to met this girl, Natasha, Nathalia, whatever her name was, he swore she could help. What did I think of this? I totally hoped he forgot about work for a while and enjoyed the beautiful brunette woman, but again,  I was surprised when both entered the room smiling widely, holding books and what seemed to be holiday foods and gifts. Cas grinned excitedly at them, and my smart ass brother started his speech. Nath as he started calling her, said she had been on the trail of this creature for a couple of months. It had first appeared around nighttime  close t
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Roads that will take you elsewhere :iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 3 0 Rainbow Clouds :iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 1 0 Pink Whitey Rose :iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 1 0 Snowy :iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 1 0
O que as move?!
Ás vezes penso, quem são estas pessoas a minha volta?
O que fazem, o que pensam, onde moram, o que as move.
São tantas pessoas, tantas vozes, que a turbulência de seus sons não nos comove.
Porque devemos nos subjulgar as diferenças, ignorar a indiferença?
Trair a razão?
Aceitar drogas por compaixão?
Suícidio por solidão?
Qual a razão por trás dessas vozes, dos holofotes?
O que os move?
A ilusão, o sonho, a paixão ou a sua voz é só mais uma na multidão?
Pessoas, vozes, rostos e gestos...
O que as move?!
:iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 1 0
I like the Sun
I like the Sun
But the rain, I do not know, has an air of romanticism
That thin rain that fell upon our heads, almost like the touch of the hand of an angel or the warm kiss of a lover
Or the storm that is announced in the distance
Stunning, vibrant, noisy, singing its thunder and lightning’s, illuminating the city skies
Calmly, falling upon our roof at night as a lullaby rocking our sleep
Frightening, powerful, triumphant, weak drops that become powerful dreams among leading minds
Lightweight drops, tiny, falling on the asphalt, forming puddles, creating sounds of passing cars, showing life as people wander by
The rain, so lovely mingles with the sun, how can something as stunning as a rainbow be formed sharply down the hill?
I like the sun, but the rain, ah, she is a companion.
It undress us from the old fears and insecurities, or huddles us in a friendly hug on a Sunday morning
I like the sun, but the rain, ah, I love her.
:iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 2 2
I see it in your eyes my love
All of your pain
And to imagine that right now I feel the same
Your blindness for him and my blindness for you
I love you in an incomprehensible, irreversible, unfading way...
Every day I see you sitting alone under the shade of a tree
The wind touching your hair, your face, your lips, oh how I wished I was wind!
I see your tears and how I wish I could wipe them
Oh my love … why loving you is so cruel if you’re so close but at the same time leagues away from me?
I see you hugging yourself trying to protect your poor heart of the pain of the happiness of others cause you
And every day I find myself more infatuated
Dreaming of your kisses, your scent… your body pressed against mine
Your lonely whispers suffocate me to the point of crying
I wish to shush your cries with my kisses
Keep you safe in my adoration
But all I feel is sorrow
I close my eyes in search of a solution
Yet I cannot live without you, baby
Without my heart, my life
:iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 2 2
Cries and Whispers
“People yell among themselves, for their hearts are disconnected…
The infatuated they whisper, for their hearts beat in tune…”

My heart beats wildly every time I see you
But I know how far and different they are
I want you desperately and you don’t even know I exist
Love has caught me unguarded and I scream lungs full so you can hear me
Although my scream are muffled by the wind, by the people, by her
In my solitude and anguish
I see in the distance a pair of lovers
Clearly passionate, even a blind man can see...
She smiles, happily, for she does not need to shout
Her heart does not bleed as mine
Does not cry
Does not break nor shatter into numerous and fragile pieces to see
Your arms around her waist
Your lips claiming her soft and warm kisses
Your whispers that I intimately desire to be mine
Cries and Whispers
I cry, for I want you
She whispers, for she has you
My cries are turned into laments
While their whispers become passion
That is flamed i
:iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 3 2
Curly :iconnathyfaith:nathyfaith 3 5


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As a sky lover this picture has captured my heart. The lighting is beautiful, I love how the clouds seem so close and so unreachable at...

Amazing. I love the technique you used, also I adore the concept, a lonely man an his organ. The details are very eye captivating, as i...

Brilliant idea. I personally think you created a very emotional piece. I adore the colors as well. The concept of a mother being the ro...

This smell like childhood to me! I loved to watch Donald and his nephews on TV. I think is a fantastic work. The colors are well balanc...


nathyfaith's Profile Picture
Hey you guys, not really into drawing, but I do love to appreciate other peoples art. Also feel free to give a say about my poems and fanfics.

"I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps, there is just a touch of yearning at times but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers"
Helen Keller
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Hiya darlings!

So yesterday I made a new friend on dA :iconcelticpuppy:, since he likes my poetry so much. He writes as well and was extremely kind and sweet to send me a poem: 

I switch on the computer,
And enter the site.
A smile appears,
And to my heart’s delight.
The Lady of Beauty,
Accepts me as her friend,
And another note,
She wishes to send.
I read every word,
Twenty times or more
And save them all,
In my memory store.
To read them at night,
Brings to my face a smile.
Thanks to Nathalia
A lady of style.

Just wanna share with you guys his talent, he's merely starting, but everyone needs a shoot, right?

Also, can we just talk about how SPN is just perfect, this whole season is just awww? 

Or the fact that we only have just more 9 days till 'The day of the Doctor', well probably 10 for me, but... SO EXCITED FOR IT.

Also, I know I'm behind with at least two fics, but I'll get there ;)


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My pleasure sweetie!
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Thank you for the llama!
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No problem, love. I tried my best to explain it since I write and not draw :)
I'm glad it was helpful! :)
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Thanks for the comment on my Agent May drawing! It's very helpful!
I guess it's the little things that makes it look like a different person. The upper-lip is a bit to pointy (I think), and the shadows on the nose too hard.
Thanks for the watchful-eye! :)
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